Nature Wit – outdoor activity cards


Cards that inspire kids to go out, explore, and discover the world.

Award-winning activity cards that inspire real-world experiences!

Hours of quality outdoor play – Going out with your kids or students you don’t have to prepare anything, just let them pick a card to open a door to curiosity.

Now, more than ever, going outside contributes to your child wellbeing, calmness, emotional and physical health, and much more. The cards are a great simple tool that emphasises all of these.

The cards are designed to empower and promote creativity, critical thinking, mathematics, communication skills, and more through outdoor activities.

What’s on the cards? On one side is an illustration to inspire activity, on the other you will find a list of activities and a brief explanation about them.

What’s in the kit? 35 cards categorised as follows: outdoor experiences, language (reading, writing, and expression), and mathematical thinking.

Who is it for? Some activities are more suitable for ages 5-10, but in our experience, most are family activities.

Where will I use the cards? The backyard, playground, on a walk, a picnic, everywhere in the world… and some of them, even at home.



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