let’s create a game

Let's play!

let's create a game
that delivers your massage!

Got something to say? Got an idea or massage?

Do you run public relations educational programs?

is it important for you that your massage will remain even when you're not there?

Change the rules of the game - create a game

What it means?

Years of experience in training and organizational consulting

taught us to pack complex messages into strategy games.

In a way that children and adults choose to come play and play again. And the massage? Passes though play.

And the massage? Sink in!

Ready, set ... Leave us your contact information and we will get back to you
Or contact as:
Ayelet +972-52-5327-567 or Michal +972-52-5678785

Play is the fast track of



a message through a game

active learning

A good game has

Aha moments

Moments of understanding that remains long after the game is done

This is "Nature Wit"
a card set played by both adults and children inspires to go out and discover a world of curiosity, abilities and independence.
In addition, the cards can be used for planning outdoor lessons of Math, Language and more.

if you wish to create your own game
from concept to supply
contact us here

or set up a meeting:


Ayelet +972-52-5327-567
Michal +972-52-5678785

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