Nature Journal

What is this?

There’s plenty of ways to get out to nature. When we use a nature journal we are in full presence, paying attention to details and actively explore.

In our nature journal, we will usually draw things that we find interesting, questions that arose, and things we discovered!

How to begin?

Some kids will just try, of course, but a lot of us need something to start with, an example, or a simple experience. Therefore, we have prepared, exactly for your children a nature journal with ideas, questions and lots of room to observe, find what interests them, and create their unique nature journal.

Your yard can be an adventure, too!

You are welcome to download the nature journal we created especially for your children

For ages 5-9

Download the journal and print it. Cut each page in half on the dotted line, and staple the pages on the side to create the journal. it is best to print on one side which gives the kids areas to freely create on.

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