Nature Wit – outdoor learning is fun

You can be prepared for this unexpected year!

Just put Nature Wit in your bag!

And you're ready for everything!

Pick a card - now your all set for your next class, which is sure to be wonderful, interesting and engaging!
And moreover – outdoors

Nature Wit - outdoor learning and teaching made easy!

What’s on the cards? On one side is an illustration to inspire activity, on the other you will find a list of activities and a brief explanation about them.

What’s in the kit? 35 cards categorised as follows: outdoor experiences, language (reading, writing, and expression), and mathematical thinking.

Who is it for? Some activities are more suitable for ages 5-10, but in our experience, most are family activities.

Where will I use the cards? The backyard, playground, on a walk, a picnic, everywhere in the world… and some of them, even at home.

Fun easy way to plan great outdoor classes

Inspire the kids to be independent

Work one-on-one or with a small as well as a large group

Way outdoor learning?

Teach in the most corona safe environment!

Enhance children
(and leaders)
well being

Strengthen the children mental and physical health

what are you waiting for?!
These cards are the easiest, most efficient outdoor learning tool you can find!

Get these award-winning cards and enjoy outdoor learning and teaching for years to come!

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